Here are a few of my favorite links

My YouTube channel. Check out music and art videos I have done in collaboration with my wife, pianist Pamela Howland.

Hampton House Gallery, A great gallery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Associated Artists of Winston-Salem.  If you make art, view art, buy art, enjoy art, or support art, and are in the Carolinas, you belong here!

"Art Biz Coach," Alyson B. Stanfield's website; lots of great information/advice and discussion regarding marketing/business practices for professional artists, as well as courses, workshops, etc.

"ArtsyShark," Carolyn Edlund's website, is another source of great business/marketing tips and advice. 

Visit the website of my favorite musician:


The film my wife and I (and others) completed in 2012:   A great website for quality frames at affordable prices.


Community Arts Cafe.  Part of Winston-Salem's downtown rennaissance, with an amazing variety of events including live jazz, live folk, stand-up, film, art, food, etc.  A great online source for everything you need.  Watch for sales; you can get some REALLY great deals!  For a great, fun outing, visit their store in Raleigh.  Another great online source for supplies.  For a REALLY great outing, visit their outlet store in Boone, NC!